Our Mission :

Robotics Inventions is a New Product Development company delivering in 6 months preproduction prototypes (including Bill of Material), excelling in fully- and semi-autonomous robots, vision systems, the autonomy module RI SPIRIT, the robot swarm management system RI FLEET, innovative user interfaces and various components, having a dedicated production facility, as well as the robotics professional services.

Our mission is to design and manufacture semi- and fully-autonomous robots and its parts to allow human tele-presence in harsh and extraterrestrial environments as well as to undertake dangerous & repetitive tasks on human behalf.
Moreover we offer RI Professional Services to companies and organizations seeking support in designing and implementing solutions that require dedicated electronics, mechanical constructions, automatics, robotics, autonomous software and artificial intelligence.
In addition Robotics Inventions aspire to deliver a flexible autonomous component to animate any hardware.

Robotics Inventions
Husarska 48
02-489 Warsaw, Poland
email: sales_ri@roboticsinventions.com
tel.: +48 655 057 799, fax: +48 22 631 2603
Support Information
Contact the support: support_ri@roboticsinventions.com