History :

Founded in 2004 the company is based in Warsaw, Poland.
Research & Development is led by Marek Sadowski, an International Space University alumnus, an ex-vice president of Polish Astronautics Society, a former researcher at NASA Ames Research Center on robotics 3D control systems and an engineering researcher at the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Software Laboratories in Tokyo.

Sales, marketing and operations are led by Piotr Dreszer, who acts as the operations director.

Public Sector Relations are maintained by Monika Krzyzanowska, a former Vice President & Business Development Executive at Thales International Poland, together with Wojciech Zawadzki, a sales director for the public & industry sectors.

Sebastian Jarocki is a Services Director who supervises a new product development from conception to production as well as a professional service engagements.

Marcin Gil is an Executive Portfolio Project Manager who is a single point of contact for a key accounts, as well as a person that manages teams on various projects.

In 2015 the company gathered 51 private investors and RI engineers.

Robotics Inventions
Husarska 48
02-489 Warsaw, Poland
email: sales_ri@roboticsinventions.com
tel.: +48 655 057 799, fax: +48 22 631 2603
Support Information
Contact the support: support_ri@roboticsinventions.com