Top solution during semi-autonomous camp security

2009-06-18 RI A-BOT in top 3 teams in C-Elrob 2009 in Oulu, Finland RI A-BOT - the Robotics Inventions Unmanned Ground Vehicle platform came as one of the top 3 UGV solutions in the Camp Security scenario in C-Elrob 2009.
It is a great success of Robotics Inventions in this year C-Elrob. It is only after 2 years after the start of development that the RI UGV obtained prestigious position as one of top 3 UGV solutions out of 7 teams participating in this Civil Autonomous Robots Pan European Competition C-Elrob. RI A-BOT development started in early 2007 and since the RI made the iterations of the hardware, electronics and software. This year the autonomy module was significantly improved, and some polishing was introduced to hardware and electronics.

2009.06.28 - the link to a competition

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