THE BEST SCIENTIFIC SOLUTION award at Military Elrob 2012

2012-09-28 RI A-Bot Light awarded with BEST SCIENTIFIC SOLUTION in M-Elrob 2012
Robotics Inventions has been awarded with the BEST SCIENTIFIC SOLUTION prize during Military Elrob 2012 in Thun, Switzerland. The robot - RI A-Bot Light - the Robotics Inventions Unmanned Ground Vehicle platform (UGV) - came as one of the best UGVs using assisted autonomy for its scouting robot in reconnaissance and approach scenarios.
The prize comes to the company in the beginning of the larger project to develop RI FLEET - a prototype system to manage a group or a fleet of robots (alike a swarm) in mapping, searching for objects of interest and cooperating. The RI A-Bot Light with its successful autonomy RI SPIRIT is a cornerstone product for RI FLEET system. The system is based on the battlefield managements system BMS that is designed and being already in use by NATO forces. The scouting robot on the other hand is capable of being used also for civil missions like guarding the perimeter of a critical infrastructure or sensing CBRN-E threats after natural or human caused disasters. The entire platform has been designed with the economy aspect in mind as functional but still budgetary usage of the technology.

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