Computerworld publishes "En Face: Marek Sadowski"

The article describes RI SPIRIT - the autonomy module for any mobile platform dedicated to any applications alike military or domestic. The company was founded in 2004. Thanks to the autonomy development Robotics Inventions was able to succeed in the autonomous reconnaissance and patrol of the military grounds during Military Elrob 2012 and thus RI was awarded with the Best Scientific Solution award. The winning autonomy was scaled down to a domestic robot and the home robot was successfully licensed to a European consumer electronics goods producer. With the help of a business angel and EU grants Robotics Inventions launched a local assembly site with 1000 robots per year production capacity. The R&D team aspires to tackle space projects as well and is involved in the Polish Space Industry Association to discuss its involvement in the ESA projects. Besides the autonomy module Robotics Inventions developed a system to control a group of robots (a swarm) from a single console - RI FLEET. The 1 million Euro project is being funded by EU FP7. In order to scale further the Board is looking for VC or PE investment and considers IPO in the near future. Robotics Inventions expands to Silicon Valley in search for further commercialisation of the robotics projects, global customers and investors.

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