CEO of Robotics Inventions meets the Polish President in New York

2013.09.23-24 - CEO of Robotics Inventions meets the Polish President in NYC, USA in the launch of RI USA branch in Silicone Valley. Marek Sadowski had the honor of presenting the company in front of the Polish President Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski:

Mr. President, Mr. Ambassador, Mrs. Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen,
My name is Marek Sadowski. I am a founder and a CEO of Robotics Inventions. Thank you for the privilege to present our company. The idea came after my research on Robotics VR 3D systems in NASA in Silicon Valley. With help of a seed capital from Friends, Family and a business angel we employed a team of 20+ engineers and we deliver mobile robotics products. We are currently looking for investment in order to commercialise globally our products:
1. UFAD and general floor maintenance robots to clean public and office buildings across USA with a help of already established cooperation with a US based business partner for whom we create support in sales, service and maintenance - the project has been developed with EU FP7 grant from PARP. The domestic version of the product was sold to an European consumer electronics producer.
2. Military robots - RI wins prestigious Pan European competitions for autonomous robots for military reconnaissance and protection of a critical infrastructure. And just now we have proposed to the Polish DoD to deliver 50 backpack EOD robots. It would be great to our Polish company to deliver such innovative robots to protect and support our soldiers during our international missions. The R and D effort has been supported with funds coming from EU FP7 for innovative projects managed by PARP.
3. Space projects - as a co-founder of Polish Space Industry Association RI supports Polish government with aligned to the industry selection and subscription to ESA space programs.
Robotics Inventions is looking for investors to support our global commercialization of existing products. For this purpose we plan to open an office in the Silicon Valley with help of the government program "10 days for start".
Thank you very much for your attention. I am Marek Sadowski of Robotics Inventions.

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