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Our PR mission is to introduce robotics and autonomous robotics to kids, students and entire society. In this mood RI has been organizing and sponsoring robotics contests and participating in some.

RI_znekBOT_7.0 in the Space Exploration Center in Warsaw

The 7th znekBot Robotics Competition finals took place on 21 March, 2009 in Space Exploration Center in Warsaw.

Two junior high school students from Gdynia Szulc and Ziolkowski won the RI_znekBOT_7.0 competition for young robotists. The competition took place on 21 March in Space Exploration Center of Polish Academy of Sciences. The winners received the invitation to the international Botball competition that is organized by NASA and KIPR. This year Botball is organized close to Washington in USA.

Members of the winning team R-Bot are the second grade students of Junior High School no 1 named after the Gdynia Scouts of the 2nd Republic of Poland. In the znekBOT finals teams were challenged with hypotetical failure of the Lunar lander. The autonomous robots were designed to rescue crew and passengers from the vehicle which was about to explode. R-Bot team's robot rescued and transported 5 people to the safety of the Lunar Hotel in 76 seconds. The second place was awarded to the Team "Dzikie Rexy" from Zespol Szkol Lacznosci in Gdansk, their robot needed 7 second more to achieve the goal. In the finals there were the other teams from Gdansk: "Ilo Alfa" from 1st High School in Gdansk and the "PRObot Team" from Catholic Junior High School of St. Kazimierz. As PAP learned from the young winners - the preparation to the znekBOT, ie. constructing and programming the robot, took one month. Junior high school students have been programming already for 5 years. It was the second time they were participating in znekBOT competition, but it was the first such a great success. As PAP was told by the President of Robotics Inventions, Marek Sadowski, the winners would be supported also with the special invitation to Botball in USA and the knowledge support during preparations by Robotics Inventions employees.

RI_znekBOT_7.0 competition has been organized since 2003 by Polish Astronautics Society and Robotics Inventions. Robotics Inventions cooperates with Botball organizers since the beginning. There were 19 teams enrolled this year, but only 13 took part in the competition. The single requirement for the teams to participate was the Lego Mindstorm NXT or RCX robotics kit. The kit was used to build and program the mobile robots in order to undertake given autonomous challenges.

znekBot 2008 Finals in Pomeranian Science & Technology Park!

The 6th znekBot Robotics Competition Finals took place Jan 12-13, 2008 in PSTP , Gdynia. This year's competition was entered by 15 high school students' teams - projects prepared by 12 of them were accepted by the Jury for participation in the tournament. The winners - "ETAM" team from Gdańsk High School no. 3 - have been awarded with a cash prize which - a subsidy from the City of Gdynia to help the "ETAM" team represent Poland during this year's international Botball Competition in United States.

A few weeks prior to each znekBot edition's finals students are presented with a task, in order to complete which they need to design, build and program a mobile robot. During the finals the participants' robots compete against each other on a 4' x 8' playing field. This year's task scenario was an assignment on the South Pole of the Moon. Polish pupils came seventh in US robotics competition.

2007-07-24 11:23 Polish pupils came seventh in US robotics competition

Polish secondary school children from the 3rd Secondary School in Gdynia under the patronage of the Military Navy came seventh in the prestigious robotics competition in the USA.The competition was sponsored by NASA and was called "Botball". It was held between 10th and 13th July in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The task of the contestants was to construct a robot which performs missions similar to those done by robots sent to the moon, as well as programming such a robot - all using a special set of Lego bricks.

The robots had to move and perform various tasks. They were not, however, remote controlled the vehicles were supposed to move using specially built-in computer processors. The vehicles had to move along sign-posted routes, pass obstacles, transport small objects. The teams steering the vehicle had to react appropriately when the robots were in an unfriendly environment and had to overcome sudden occurrences such as nearby "volcanic" eruptions.

The team from Gdynia, called "Nyana", took part in the competition under the patronage of the Polish Astronomical Society. The team consisted of: Jakub Oller (18) and Łukasz Kszonowski (17). The team was supervised by Konrad Buzak - a information-technology teacher at the school.

The Poles competed with representatives of 60 teams from the USA and a team from Japan. The first three places went to American teams.

NASA, as a sponsor of the event, wants to use the competition to select young talents - gifted pupils, who in years to come, can be specialists in space engineering and construct machines such as moon-vehicles.

Oller and Kszonowski, supervised by Konrad Buzak, won a similar competition organised in Poland in March. It was the 5th National Robotics Competition for Secondary and Middle Schools "znekBOT 2007: A-BOT" in Gdynia. It is a programme implemented under the supervision of the Polish Astronomical Society. The task in "znekBOT" was also to construct and program a robot, which can then move and perform various missions.

znekBOT 2008 will be held next February. For more information go to, where you can read the team's blog.

"Botball" competition has been organised from the mid-nineties. For more information go to

PAP - Nauka w Polsce, Joanna Poros, Krzysztof Czart, tr.ajfb

2006-03-17 20:57 Robots Constructed by Secondary School Children Competition
Space robots constructed by secondary school children competed on 11th March during znekBOT 2006, the 4th annual All-Poland Robotics Competition organised for middle and secondary schools in Gdynia. The competition was organised by the Polish Astronautic Society (PTA) as part of its ZNEK (Employing Education to Study Space) programme.
It is based on Botball, a high-school robotics competition organised by NASA. Each of the nine teams of four that qualified for the finals (seven from the "Tri-city" - Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot, one from Katowice and one from Warsaw) compete in building and programming robots designed for exploring Space. The main aim is to familiarise pupils with space robotics and astronautics through participation in simulated unmanned missions.
Each team have to build and program a robot from a Lego Mindstorm set, which will accomplish the mission. This year's challenge was to construct BOT, a robot, which moves along marked routes, can overcome three-dimensional obstacles, collects and transports samples (these being ping-pong balls), with the aid of light and touch sensors as well as a few electrical engines.
An important element of the mission is testing the robot's programming and construction in a hostile environment and its ability to cooperate with other robots designed by other teams.
PAP - Nauka w Polsce, Urszula Jabłońska, tr. ajfb

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