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2014.06.13 Robotics Inventions National Drones - preorder now RI Pi-R-2 robot vacuum
Robotics Ind starts to collect preorders for the 'RI Pi-R-2' crowdfunding campaign.

2014.02.06 Robotics Inventions in TV Polonia national news
Robotics Inventions in TV Polonia national news - featuring #RI_SPIRIT the autonomy module and #RI_FLEET the system to manage a swarm of robots.

2013.09.23 TVN24 Polish President speaks about RI FLEET of robots
CEO of Robotics Inventions met President of Poland Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski at the conference in NYC. Mr. Sadowski presented Robotics Inventions goals of opening an office in Silicon Valley and developing robots for Polish DoD.

2012.11.11 TVP Polonia coverage on Robotics Inventions in Economist Weekly (Przeglad Gospodarczy)
A brief document on Robotics Inventions joining Polish Space Industry Association to start development in space.

2012-01-09 One Day of Work - the TVP document on RI
The document on a Robotics Inventions' typical day of work by the Polish national TV channel. From a passion to robotics upto a commercially successful organization having contracts in USA and EU.
From outside of Poland try a wmf download link - link

znekBOT 2008
Robotics Inventions coorganized Polish autonomous robot competition for High Schools ZNEKBOT 2008. A short coverage by the national news channel.

znekBOT 2006
A short radio coverage on ZNEKBOT 2006
radio kleka1
radio kleka2

znekBOT 2005
A short radio coverage on ZNEKBOT 2005
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