Off-the-shelf - ready to use components

Robotics Inventions developed the following off-the-shelf components that are ready to be deployed, also with the help of RI Professional Services if needed:
- RF-WiFi communication module - to extend any electronics solution with a robust communication module; this is an ideal component to be used in an industrial sector for companies seeking automation, to support or replace wired infrastructure; the open frame version might be of interest to technical schools and universities as it is complete solution to be implemented in the larger design;
- mobile control station (for teleoperation and semi-autonomous platforms) - a complementary solution to the RF-WiFi communication module; the station includes a mobile case with a laptop, AC/DC charger, and a popular controller; the station is ideal for steering remote cameras or mobile platforms like teleoperated and semi-autonomous robots; it was developed to be used in industry or academic applications; the control station can be driven by RI software or adapted to the specific requirements;
- teleoperated and semi-autonomous display robot - to be used for the marketing purposes during PR and marketing events as a mobile digital signage;
- student development robot - ideal for learning programming and concepts of robotics - ideal for high schools and academia - adaptable for custom changes, includes: moving base, wheel module, electronics, set of batteries, sensors;
- RI Spy Ball - a stationary or throwable robot with rotating camera (360 degrees), can be used for distant monitoring and inspecting after being hidden, thrown or rolled into desired location; includes a heavy duty casing and the communication module, ideal for buildings, apartments, offices and for general security purposes;
- RI Black Box - an electronic module that registers parameters of electronic equipment and the accelerations during its usage (falls, hits, etc.); The ideal solution for logistic and insurance companies, as well as for white goods producers to assure proper logistic standards and usage conditions;
- RI Lidar 3D - a lidar 3D component for acquiring 3D point clouds which works under ROS.

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