Business Partners :

Since 2007 Robotics Inventions has established partnerships with:
- KenBIT - KenBIT has been working for many years on creation and implementation of communication and software systems for the Polish Army and public sector at general. The partnership is toward RI Fleet robot management system.
- Car Technology - CAR Technology is an international corporation delivering complex solutions and engineering services for automotive industry in scope of design, and development as well as it delivers rapid prototyping for automotive, architecture, education and many more industries.
- ELROB - The ELROB was conducted in order to provide an overview of the European state-of-the-art in the field of UGVs with focus on short-term realizable robot systems. With regard to available capabilities, the organizers sought to promote innovative technical approaches that will enable the operation of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). The European Robotics group is more than happy to see that ELROB is attracting especially young researchers and stimulating the communication between the groups.
- Flying Fish - EU funding consulting company. Successfully obtained the EU funding for a retail project, and supported RI in successful delivery.
- IBRG - EU funding consulting company. Successfully obtained a EU based funding for the Research & Development project for RI.

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