RI Pi-R-2 (c) - PREORDER NOW a LEGO friendly robot

Robotics IND, inc. starts a crowdfunding campaign with the RI Pi-R-2 robot vacuum regular for $314*, and as soon as the crowdfunding goal is achieved the RI Pi-R-2 robot vacuum open hardware for $399*.

The special PREORDER OFFER - you can preorder now before the start of the crowdfunding campaign the RI Pi-R-2 robot vacuum regular for just $299** - it is the greatest value offer just now!

Included in RI Pi-R-2 regular:
- a robot vacuum with set of batteries and 2 sets of brushes
- a battery charger
- 12 months Internet of Things service.

Request a preorder from Robotics IND: preorder@roboticsind.com.

*The price doesn't include the tax and shipment outside USA.

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