Pi-R-2 : the robot vacuum - for families with kids!

Designed for families with kids No time to play with kids?
Allergies, epidemic outbreaks troubles?
A mobile nanny webcam?
Crying kids for vacuumed LEGOs?
Ultra cleaning and sanitising RI Pi-R-2 vacuums even 50% more fine dust than others
Allergens and germs remain on fine HEPA filter
UVc lamp sanitises floors
LEGO friendly no cry for missing parts Toys are safe! The LEGO Friendly mode prevents from vacuuming small LEGO parts. And no more dust bin diggin for LEGOs! Preorder
Rapsberry Pi and a nanny webcam Pimp your RI Pi-R-2 robot in unlimited ways with Rapsberry PI
A nanny webcam for starters

RI Pi-R-2 (c) - a LEGO friendly robot

Robotics Inventions National Drones presents Your new robot vacuum "RI PiR2" - designed for families with kids - allows you to manage a robot from your iOS/Android/Windows phone/browser to free more time for your kids.
The "RI PiR2" robot vacuum thoroughly tested by the major European consumer electronics manufacturer for 50% more dust cleaning - and it is already licensed for their production in Europe. "RI PiR2" is perfect to fight allergy and sanitising floors with UVc lamp during epidemic outbreaks.
Thanks to innovative anti bump technology it omits all the furniture - and wine glasses - leftovers after the previous night party. Moreover a LEGO FRIENDLY mode of work makes the LEGOs stay on the kids floors.
If you are willing to extend robot with a spy telepresence camera - there is a "Raspberry Pi" module on board - and you are free to extend your robotics platform - and spy your apartment from anywhere.
Let the robot clean all rooms - no more eaten LEGOs - no more nanny cams.

Our award winning autonomy* RI SPIRIT for the best cleaning and maintenance - we consulted one of the largest consumer electroncis producers in Europe to deliver exceling cleaning coverage, and our autonomy module RI SPIRIT is used for navigation. Besides RI SPIRIT autonomy taps to 'Internet of things' - now you can manage your robot vacuum from your device of choice**
*Robotics Inventions has been awarded with the Best Scientific Solution award at the Military Elrob 2012 competition in Switzerland for autonomous robot reconnaissance.
** The choice of devices includes connection from web browser, and devices using Android, iOS, and Windows.
Use gestures and simply kick slightly a robot and thanks to our patented technology your RI Pi-R-2 would be rushed to work, or it will dock - it is simpler than that.
RI Pi-R-2 is packed with various sensors - the ultimate ultrasound and infrared sensor fusion enables omitting small fragile obstacles like a glass of wine - no more hitting into your precious furniture and walls - no a scratch!
It is one of the most mobile platforms there is*! RI Pi-R-2 goes over 12 mm obstacles (Robotics Ind's competitors usually manage just less than 10 mm obstacles).

RI Pi-R-2 (c) - features that make you preorder now

RI Pi-R-2 offers even 50% better* cleaning & UVc sanitising - *50% better dust and fine particles cleaning, and comparable rice/sugar cleaning, in addition powerful UVc mode for germs sanitising.
Exceptional LEGO FRIENDLY mode - exceptional design for your kids needs - the first time vacuuming spares LEGO parts, thus finally you can forget about digging in the dust bin for LEGO.
So exceptional designThe upmost importance was put into the beautifully designed shell of the robot and accessories - with a thought to easy interchangeable covers for a robot main unit and a charger - it fits your style in every color and shade!

RI Pi-R-2 takes it name from an open hardware platform 'Rapsberry Pi', and thanks to it the mobile robot platform enables you a telepresence & open hardware. More than one million Raspberry Pi geeks can tweak the RI Pi-R-2 robot - and a webcam with the web preview over internet is ready for starters.

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