Free time in home and office The generic autonomy module to be applied in any robotics domestic and office products:
- vacuum cleaners, robotics mops,
- telepresence,
- elderly support & monitoring,
- indoor guard and security,
Decrease cost of heavy duty labor Using autonomy in labor heavy work:
- vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping,
- snow & leaf removal,
- lawn mowing,
- field and farm tasks,
- inspection & audit,
- mining & exploration.
Decrease threats to civil servants Semi and full autonomy for
- search & discover,
- reconnaissance,
- guarding & patrol,
- mule and field support.

RI SPIRIT (c) - the autonomy module

Robotics Inventions SPIRIT is an OEM solution for hardware development organizations seeking the autonomy for their products.
Robotics Inventions developed the unique solution encapsulated into the easily adaptable OEM to various constructions and numerous algorithms.
The typical OEM is being licensed together with services necessary to adjust software and electronics accordingly with the specific requirements of the target autonomous solutions.

The typical scenarios of RI SPIRIT implementations are the following:
- INDUSTRIAL maintenance: vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing in the cost effective way,
- SECURITY robots: patrol, exploration
- FIRE BRIGADES supporting robots: exploration, search for victims and threats, field support, fire penetration, semi-autonomy - teleoperation
- CIVIL PROTECTION & DISASTER RECOVERY: reconnaissance, scouting, patrolling, terrain exploration, mule.

Award winning* RI A-BOT Light is powered with RI SPIRIT as the core autonomy module.
*BEST SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS main award at Military ELROB 2012

RI SPIRIT includes:
- 1 licence of RI SPIRIT
- 1 module of RI SPIRIT (no sensors or actuators)
- 1 control station
- 1 modeling environment
- 12 month maintenance support.
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RI mSPIRIT (c) - the OEM autonomy module for domestic products

RI mSPIRIT - the mass production version of RI SPIRIT - is the core autonomous module that could be implemented on the following house appliance robots:
- vacuum cleaners, robotics mops,
- telepresence,
- elderly support & monitoring,
- indoor guard and security.

RI mSPIRIT incluedes:
- 1 licence of RI mSPIRIT
- 1 module of RI mSPIRIT
- 24 months of maintenance
- also available for own production under the licence.
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