RI IndBoat (c) - a powerful autonomous patrol boat

RI IndBoat is a corner-stone marine product for Industrial, Prevention and Public sectors. Capable of following GPS points, mapping and omitting obstacles and identifying intruders. RI IndBoat could be used to monitor perimeter of a port, a strategic area announcing the perimeter breech to the operators. Designed work in the most harsh conditions enabled for mapping, discovering of the static and moving Objects of Interest. RI IndBot platform is designed as modular and light construction and is easy to be extended with the new modules/capabilities.
Weight: ~25kg (without batteries), Life on batteries: upto 8 hours.

RI IndBoat is powered with the RI SPIRIT as the core autonomy module.

RI IndBoat is suitable and not limited to the following types of scenarios:
- mapping scenario - RI IndBoat undertakes reconnaissance and mapping of GPS defined zones,
- patrol scenario - RI IndBoat navigates effortlessly and sleeplessly through the loop of GPS points in a search for possible intruders,
- support scenario - RI IndBoat acts as a shuttle to bring any load on the given GPS pathway.

The Robotics Inventions IndBoat robot allows for flexible configuration of modules enabling perfect matching with requirements. The RI IndBoat platform can be configured from the following typical components:
- different sensors: sonar, ultrasonic, infrared, image recognition, D-GPS, CBRN-E, radar
- teleop cameras,
- extension ports,
- powers sources: extended silent battery, extended fuel power source,
- control modules: RI SPIRIT autonomy module, teleoperation module,
- controlers: mobile teleoperator controler, teleoperator station.

Included in RI IndBoat:
- 1 RI IndBoat platform
- 1 control station
- 1 modeling environment (software)
- 12 month maintenance support

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