The unique system to control a robotics swarm Increase effectiveness of using multiple robots in search & discover and CBRN-E mapping missions
One person to control a robotics swarm From a single control station decide:
- mission type: patrol, recon, mule,
- a type of robots formation,
- target areas & threat zones
Mapping obstacles, threats and objects of interest The robotics swarm would map indoor and outdoor:
- positive and negative obstacles,
- CBRN-E threats
- objects of interest.

RI Fleet (c) - the system to control of any robotics swarm

Robotics Inventions FLEET is the unique worldwide class system to control group of robots (a swarm of robots).

Robotics Inventions has been developing a system to control robots from a single central unit (based on a NATO BMS class system). The system controls any type of robots or vehicles to be working as a group of autonomous robots. Autonomy and control of the robots is based on the autonomy component - RI Spirit.

RI Fleet could be adjusted to any set of missions and as such is being licensed together with services necessary to adjust the software and overall solution accordingly with the specific requirements of the target fleet applications.

The typical scenarios of RI Fleet applications:
- One Person Controls RI Fleet - from a single control unit decide what the swarm of robots is doing,
- Autonomous Navigation - outdoor and indoor,
- Cooperative Mapping - marking positive and negative obstacle coordinates as well as zones of CBRN-E threats,
- Image Recognition - looking for objects of interest,
- Collaboration - moving in a formation and processing autonomous tasks with other robot members
- CIVIL PROTECTION & DISASTER RECOVERY Fleet missions: scouting, patrolling, terrain exploration.

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RI FLEET (c) - using EU Funding from FP7

Robotics Inventions delivered the project and the prototype of the system with 5 robots.
- RI Fleet was presented at Military Elrob 2012 and Eurathlon 2013
- RI Fleet was presented at the conferences 5zywiolow and IARP RISE 2012
- RI Fleet was presented to Polish President Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski.

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