Executive Team :

Marek Sadowski - President, CEO
The founder of the Robotics Inventions; at RI Marek is responsible for business development and overall leadership; he manages investor relationships, answers RFIs and RFPs and supervises RI offerings; previously Marek worked at NASA Ames (Virtual Reality systems to control robots) and at NTT Tokyo Software Laboratories as a research engineer, for more than ten years he has worked at IBM, HP, AMS, and TPSA as an IT architect, Project Manager and salesman; graduated from The International Space University.
In the free time Marek is a scuba diver, a snowboarder, a martial arts instructor, and finally a father and a husband.

Sebastian Jarocki - Services Director
Sebastian is responsible for services offering, functional conception and specifications of the products developed for medium and mass production; in addition Sebastian is responsible for creation of the Bill of Material for products that are developed at RI; Previously he worked among others at Samsung Service and Sagem Service as well as a mechanics constructor engineer at medical sector; he graduated from Technical Warsaw University with major in Aerospace Engineering.
In his free time Sebastian is a father, a certified small field farmer and a swimmer.

Marcin Gil - Executive Project Manager
Marcin is responsible for proactive executive contacts with customers, and management of the key RI projects; previously he worked among others at HP, Compaq, Digital as a Project Manager and a Key Account Manager. Besides leading projects Marcin acts as a robotics architect that predicts chain dependency among robot subsystems; he graduated from Technical Warsaw University with major in Automatics Engineering.
In his free time Marcin enjoys riding a mountain bike, travel and loves cooking pastas.

Robotics Inventions
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Support Information
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