Values :

Robotics Inventions strategy is in peaceful applications of the robotics for the better present and future of all humankind. We dream of a robotics voyage to space to enable manned space missions.

Vision :

The word "Robot" was used by Karel Capek for the first time in the play "Rossumovi Univerzalni Roboti" in 1921 to call a simplified version of a human.

After one age the concept still is a fascinating idea, but a vision of common usage of a robot becomes reality. Robotics Inventions builds advanced robots to support or replace people in difficult, dangerous and repetitive missions, as well as in tasks that require utmost precision (surgery) or that are very expensive or impossible for human today (missions to Moon, Mars or an ocean floor).

RI builds autonomous robots, that work without supervision (cleaning of garages, cleaning barns, EOD missions, etc.). RI develops also semi-autonomous robots, that support people in difficult missions. Finally thanks to tele-operated robots (remotely controlled) - that are being steered and controlled by person in order to obtain better precision or work results. A robot supports an operator to make decisions, and offers time to relax and rest while it works without rest, fatigue and protests to realize all monotonous, difficult and dangerous tasks in mines, cleaning and monitoring unaccessible places, neutralizing explosives or through precise surgery procedures.

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