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Our Robot Scrubber

Industry leading 3 step ultimate sanitizing and cleaning robot.


Use our Robot as a Service to maintain your monthly budgeting.


We offer hassle free sanitizing and cleaning operations.


Reports are available on our cloud documenting sanitization and cleaning so you can show customer and employees how often you have cleaned the property.


We can train our AI system to detect specific objects of interest to your business such as car registration plates in a car park, empty shelves in a store, or people in restricted areas.


Fusion of sensors and algorithms increases efficiency by smartly adjusting the cleaning solution and minimizing human interaction.


The robot unit fits into a standard elevator for mobility between floors and around campus sites.

API Integration

Our robot integrates with access control systems providing secure building access and full autonomy.


Light and transportable to enable use at multiple locations (fits a regular van or pickup) for maximum use, up time and optimum Return On Investment.

Robot Scrubber's sanitization phases

Watch robot scrubber in action
  • Black swan events, such as economic recessions and pandemics, change the trajectory of governments, economies and businesses — altering the course of history.
    Hamza Mudassir
    Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer
  • Reopening Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools, and Homes. - "Reopening guidance"
    Reopening guidance
  • Cleaning robotics were already on the rise pre-COVID. Now, sanitation has become a top priority for businesses and health organizations around the world.
    April Miller for Rehack
    The Next Big Thing in Robotics: Cleaning

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Marek's post on why cleaning robots...

After doing research at NASA Ames Intelligent Mechanisms Group I wanted to design and deploy robots for space missions. So why I am working with cleaning robots? In this article I will explain my step by step approach to making dreams come true.

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Using AI to detect debris under a train.

Following the Dull, Dirty or Dangerous mantra of robotics, our project for the train inspection and cleaning has been particularly apt. We developed AI computer vision combined with advanced cleaning technologies to create the solution with robots that operate under trains, providing train operators with new techniques for managing after unfortunate accidents. Read on to learn how.

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Working with grants from EU to create robotics solutions.

Marek and his R&D team have secured numerous projects and grants from the European Union. Thanks to two of them, Robotics IND, Inc. was able to develop the most advanced cleaning and sanitizing scrubber robot plus a swarm control system that is able to manage robots at the same time.

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