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Latest Developments

2016.03.02 - DEFENCE24 - Robotics Inventions awarded by Polish Ministry of Defence

Polish Industry Supports Modernization of the Polish Army. Innovations for the Armed Forces - Awarded.

2014.07.09 - PAP - Military Elrob awards Robotics Inventions with 1 place for autonomous transport

Poles and Germans on the podium of military robotics competition

2014.01.01 RI started the autonomous industrial scrubber project with help of EU funds

RI in cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology signs the next R&D project with EU funding Demonstrator@NCBiR for development of RI AUTO in 2014Q1 - an autonomous industrial vacuuming & scrubbing robot for general floors.

2013.09.23 - Robotics Inventions participates in "10 days for start" and Go_Global programs

RI has been chosen for the acceleration program from September 23 to October 04 in California - "10 days for start" - and obtained Go_Global funding for opening an office in the Silicon Valley.

2013.05.01 RI started the next autonomous robot project with help of EU funds

RI signs the next R&D project with EU funding 2.2a with MCP for development of RI MOP in 2013Q2 - an autonomous mopping cleaning robot for home.


During Military elrob.org in September 2012 RI awarded with the main prize for semi-autonomous reconnaissance and partoling.

RI obtained 1 mln Euro project with help of EU funds

RI has signed 1 mln Euro project with PARP for development of RI FLEET - a system to control a swarm of autonomous robots.

Various autonomous robots for industry and retail

Robotics Inventions offers both industry class and retail robots with the Military Elrob 2012 award winning autonomy module - RI SPIRIT. The new developed products for industry sector in B2B and B2C modes might be produced with help of EU based production facility, as well as obtained as the know how transfer.

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The swarm control system for security and inspection

RI FLEET system allows for cooperative robot mapping, search for objects of interest and CBRN-E threats, collaboration with other robot team members, various algorithms (scouting, patrol, logistics-supply management, guarding) - everything avavilable from one mobile console* operated by one person. (*the option of the system supports the NATO based BMS system)

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The autonomy module for industry and personal robots

Robotics Inventions developed two autonomy modules that could address requirements for any mobile or robotics platform that could be deployed in fully autonomous robots and semi-autonomous (teleoperated) platforms. The solutions permits for INDOOR and OUTDOOR applications. Solutions with RI SPIRIT could be implemented for household robots (vacuums, mops, lawn mowers, home guards) as well as for industrial and professional usage (cleaning, inspection, logistics, warehouses). The autonomy solutions are ready for increased security, monitoring and audit requirements. The implementation and deployment is delivered through RI Professional Services.

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