Our team is passionate about delivering AI and robotics technology to help fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, providing automated sanitization to reduce risk and improve safety.

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Passionate and experienced, our team has designed and delivered multiple robotics projects.
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Business executive with 20 years of corporate and startup experience. Expert at enterprise value creation. IMD Business School, PhD from The University of Sheffield.

Simon Wright
CEO, Co-Founder
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I am a technology visionary, passionate about robotics, AI, and Cloud. I researched at NASA Ames on VR system to manage robots on Mars, and have consulted in IT for more than 20 years.

Marek Sadowski
CTO, Co-Founder
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I have been working on global production projects with Flex for 19 years. Before that I was a consultant at Accenture in Europe.

Greg Landsman
VP Production
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I have been supporting business development for Bosch, our customers in USA, and Deutsche Bahn. Previously I worked with startups and traditional businesses.

Greg Jankiewicz
Business Development


Robotics Inventions has designed numerous robots and it all started with a home robot vacuum. After winning a 200.000 Euro grant, we were able to develop our innovative technology for cleaning home floors which included our patented obstacle avoidance, and began manufacturing our products in Poland. Due to its superior performance, the product was very quickly licensed by a subsidiary of Bosch.

In parallel, we started to participate in Military Elrob and Civil Elrob competitions in Europe. This enabled us to develop much more complicated industrial and security robots. One such industrial application was an inspection and cleaning robot for Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) systems. With an additional EU grant of 800,000 Euro we developed a control software system to manage a swarm of inspection robots. This was recognized for innovation by Ministry of Defense in Poland, and won multiple first place positions in Military Elrob competitions for the Autonomous Transport, and Semi-Autonomous Search and Discovery.

Having proven our capabilities across multiple robotics projects we secured a further grant of 1,000,000 Euro from the European Union to develop a robot scrubber. During this time our company also designed robot products for driveway snow removal and for an enterprize grade lawn mower for golf courses. Over the years and with significant product launches, our team has built up extensive knowledge and know how in the design, development, and product manufacturing utiliziing ROS, RTOS, AI, Cloud, and Agile technologies to ensure maximum value to our customers.

Our Advantage

Proven expertize in developing robots ranging from small consumer robots used in the home to industrial machines used in factories, we simply know how to build robots.


Experts in using software packages like RTOS, ROS2, AI and Cloud technologies.


We apply Agile techniques to our robots, enabling us to quickly and efficiently productize, delivering maximum value to our customers.


Having designed multiple inspection and cleaning industry robots over the last 15 years, our domain expertize is extensive.


From our very first home robot cleaner, we recognized the benefits of UVC and have continued to design our cleaning robots with UVC capabilities.


Our deep knowledge of AI and advanced computer vision techniques enables us to enhance the robot's autonomy and avoidance systems performance, plus provision superior features and functions with tailormade service.


Having designed multiple solutions that needed to fit into the trunk of a car or a small van, we specialize in designing robots that can be easily transported between locations.


Taking advantage of our Event-Based Cloud Native programming we are able to provide a comprehensive robot control management system, providing data, reporting, and system analysis for all the robots deployed.

Cost Effective

We design all our robots using technologies to ensure you do not overpay for expensive sensors or components. Plus, with our Robots as a Service you can simply pay-as-you-go.

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Rozone.AI - Autonomous 24/7 robots that optimize the sanitization of floors by applying Edge and AI technologies, computer vision systems, cloud services and indoor mapping data for M2M marketplace. Keeping people safe in their offices and public spaces.

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